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3 Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Facebook Video Views

Facebook has announced that they will be pushing video content like never before. They anticipate that videos will become the major source of their revenue and so are aggressively shifting their focus from text and photos to videos. This means that as content creators, we must make haste and immediately shift our focus to producing top quality video content in order to stay relevant on the platform. Videos are a completely different beast to tackle when compared to simple text or photo posts. This means that we need to learn, try and fix on ways that will bring us good viewership. Let us now take a look at 5 tips that will help us increase our video views on Facebook- find out how you can buy Facebook video views.

Native Videos:

Facebook makes money by keeping people on their platform for as long as possible. Although YouTube and other video sharing services may offer you a share of the money they make from ad revenues, it is highly advisable not to share your videos on these platforms and then share links to them on Facebook.

Facebook publicly discourages this and their algorithm automatically suppresses such posts and shows it to very few people. However, they actively promote videos uploaded to their own platform. Hence, you must always upload your videos natively on Facebook.


You have about 1 – 2 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention and make them decide to watch their video before they scroll away. This means that the thumbnail that you use on your video must be as captivating as possible. This will give your video the best chance of being opened and viewed.

Be sure to use things that attract attention such as cool dudes or beautiful girls on your thumbnail. It has been proven that people are much more likely to view videos with an attractive person on the thumbnail than one with just objects in them.

Closed Captions and Subtitles:

Almost 92% of all Facebook users use the platform from their mobile devices. This means that they may be in a classroom or at a hospital or commuting on a subway. These are not ideal places to play loud videos and disturb the people around them, so they prefer to view videos with the sound turned off. If your video does not have any closed captions or subtitles, it will be impossible to understand and people are more likely to stop watching and scroll away. Hence, always include subtitles in English as well as your local language when you upload videos to Facebook.